Tag Sales

Post about the tags you have and are willing to give up. Rules regarding tag play can also be found here.
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Tag Sales

Postby Ramsfan1 » Thu Feb 18, 2021 3:55 pm

The Central Jersey Disc Golf Club continues to sell tags for the 2021 season. These tags are a fun "game within the game" that allow players bragging rights in trying to best their friends and fellow competitors out on the course. Tags are $20 and are good for the 2021 season. They also feature discounts to some area restaurants near our courses. Bring the tag into the restaurant- Bovine Burger, Amazing Bagel, Broad Street Dough Company, Bacoli Pizza, Bruno's Pizza- and receive a discount on your order!

We will have tag rounds the weekend before each of our events and of course tags are always in play during tournaments. See Frank or Lou to purchase a tag and support the Club!

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